The Project

The City of Santa Clara is proposing the replacement of the Community Recreation Center (CRC) and the International Swim Center (ISC). Born out of dialogue with the many user groups and mindful of Santa Clara’s growing population, the City is aiming to unite the ISC and CRC as one destination, solidifying Santa Clara’s “heart” in Central Park. A full range of recreation, arts and activity spaces will enable children, families, seniors, community groups and athletes to pursue their “mission” together.

Replacement of the ISC has been a more than decade-long City goal and money set aside in the City’s capital improvement budget has funded a strategic business plan, schematic design and environmental review. The new ISC will use three acres—the same size as the current ISC—to provide two additional pools currently unavailable. The proposed LEED-Platinum facility will also return the ISC’s pools to competition regulation standards and will allow the City to attract high profile, revenue-generating national and international events in a venue that reduces its energy consumption. The new CRC will offer a full range of recreational, arts, community and exercise facilities.

We enthusiastically look forward to making this vision a reality.

Photos courtesy of ELS